zaterdag 30 april 2011


Shot in Paris last summer. We decided to always take the stairs instead of the escalator, never felt so healthy!


After having tried several lay-outs for my blog, and desperately not wanting to choose the 'nice-and-clear-white-one" because almost every blog I like has it, that's the one I'll be having from now on because IT'S THE BEST! Just face it

I like: Partying (and the pictures @ the morning after)

Gmin7 add 9

Mixed feelings


UFO Witness


ME! -no drugs involved?-

Hide and seek


¡Viva Ecuador!

Harry Mulisch is still alive

Bicycle madness

All these pictures are made by a friend of mine, and this is just a brief selection of a beautiful partynight!

Which one you like best?

woensdag 27 april 2011

Een partijtje

Partypicture number uno, just a teaser:

Just laugh when you're happy,

at least I do

Damn you inspiration

I've been not posting messages, and now I am posting messages again!

I've been doing a lot of interesting shizzle the past few days, such as dancing, laughing and going to this band
it was a birthday present by my friends, and cool it was (therefore merci, mes amis). Just for a short impression:


At 0:55 there is somebody crowdsurfing near the stage. I was at that very moment lifting the right leg of that very guy.
I'll be postin' a lot of new stuff soon! You can be expecting party-pictures and shot's I made during a trip through Africa.

Au revoir

vrijdag 15 april 2011

woensdag 13 april 2011

I like: Swedish Bloggs

Aujourd'hui rien - Louis XVI de France

This is a picture I edited, based on a picture from the Swedish blog 'throw some glitter in the air'. Go check it out!

(I wonder if she likes it..)

I like: Paris

Paris, avec une Holga.

dinsdag 12 april 2011

I like: Microphoto

Holga Micro, 110 film

I like: Black & White

 Pictures I made in Paris and the Netherlands with a oldschool-sovjet-union-indestroyable Praktica

I like: 110 Film

A few weeks ago I found a tiny camera that I had bought (Holga Micro) and there was still some film in it, so I took it to the developing-magician and yesterday I got the pictures back and they are sooo nice!
I'll post them today/tomorrow!

zaterdag 2 april 2011

I Like Painting No. 1

Here a quick painting that I made today for my niece's birthday tomorrow. It's not totally finished yet, so think of it as a preview.

I just realise what I'm missing: THE EYES AREN'T FINISHED YET!! Unless you like the scary look :)