zaterdag 25 juni 2011


I accidentally made this picture, but I kinda like it. I mean, come on, don't you like pictures of yourself where you look like a cute innocent bambi-deer that's about to be hit by a car?

Hence the BAM

dinsdag 21 juni 2011


Today pretty much was the longest day of the year, from now on they only get shorter...

Luckily my garden grows shoes

maandag 20 juni 2011


A friend of mine lend me one of his way-too-expensive digital cameras (for an undetermined time), and though my heart is full of analogue love, the practical use of a digital camera = undenieable!

Here's the first shot I took with it, more coming up!

Thanks Jelmer!

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

So you think you classy?

This is a photo of min stora-farföräldrar, a.k.a. my greatgrandparents. I found it lying somewhere in the house, under tons of crap.

Never met them, but they seem nice

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

I like: Other Photographski

Two very sweet pictures by a close friend of mine!

them for sure

(kinda rhymes)